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South Garden is the retail brand of Peruvian Nature, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the agro-industrial sector with a presence in the United States, Europe and Asia. One of South Garden’s main goals is to position itself in these markets with its products, as well as locally.

Purpose of South Garden:

South Garden was born thanks to the need to have a product so that the general public can consume it. In this way, this brand would be present in homes through breakfasts, lunches and other preparations.

Places where it would be present:

South Garden aims to have a presence in the United States and some Latin American countries. Likewise, it would have a presence in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Europe and Asia, it would be present in China, Japan, Thailand, India.

Single product

One of South Garden’s product categories is individually packaged products. You can find: Maca, Cassava, Purple Corn, Camu Camu, Aguaymanto, Cat’s Claw, Groomsa Leaves and more.

Formulated products

On the other hand, there will also be a category of mixtures or formulas specially created for the benefit of consumers. Each is beneficial and has different objectives. Among those products we have: Immunity, Brain, Energy and Antioxidant, which we will develop below.

Brand Certifications

South Garden products are processed under the support of Peruvian Nature. Each of these products is developed in its plant with the highest quality standard. That is why it also has the certifications of this umbrella brand, which are:

Ready for Immediate Shipment

Nature360’s Organic products are ready for immediate shipment. We will also help you skip the export/import bureaucracies and other hurdles that might get in the way of your manufacturing schedule.